About Us

We believe in challenging the status quo in healthcare, as well as in chiropractic.

Forever striving to improve our quality of care, we will always look for the next conceptual or technological breakthrough that will help us achieve better spinal corrections and optimal patient health.

EPIC is dedicated to teaching an advanced health care system that is focused on identifying the cause of human suffering due to dysfunction of the nervous system. In that the health and integrity of every human being is, by design, sustained through balanced function of its many internal systems controlled by the brain and nervous system. Our focus is on correcting the cause of dysfunction and maintaining the health and well-being of all those whom we serve.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Stan Pierce Jr., DC B.C.A.O.
Kelcey Wiginton, DC
Director of Marketing
James Beadle, DC
Director of Educational Technologies

Coming from a deep history with its roots tracing all the way back to BJ Palmer, Evolutionary Percussive Instrument Corrections (EPIC for short) is the latest advancement in upper cervical care. Our team has been driven from the beginning to always seek out the latest advancement to help upper cervical chiropractors achieve that “more perfect” correction. The status quo within healthcare and chiropractic should always be challenged and never accepted as just good enough.

Driven Towards Success

“Compared to what?” is often our reply to others who criticize us on our drive for perfection. You’ll often hear these people state, “I already get people well”, or “I give great adjustments currently… why change?” and to that our question pierces them to their center… compared to what? What if a new development occurred that made it possible to achieve even better results? Wouldn’t you want that? Surprisingly, most doctors say they do, but won’t jump on the opportunity. Only a select few are willing to push themselves to continue learning, challenging, and researching for that next jump in advancement.

Embracing Technology

With such strong momentum driving us forward, we deeply care that every correction is given with all of the latest research and protocols. Being taught once is never enough, especially through a periodic weekend seminar. It is difficult to remember everything as there are so many ideas, concepts, or protocols. EPIC understands this problem as it is a detailed technique with multiple steps.

Sonos Blueprint logo

Using Sonus: Blueprint, EPIC has been able to ensure that every doctor who is EPIC certified is always up-to-date with the latest mathematical formulas, quantification of severity of
misalignment, customized adjusting protocols for each patient, guides to minimize doctor error, and global statistics of other clinics. It was built with the quote in mind from Albert Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Sonus makes the details… simple.

Unique Tools

The latest atlas correcting instrument is being distributed by Integrity Instruments. Working with the same manufacturers that build American cars, Integrity Instruments has infused advanced manufacturing technology into upper cervical care to provide field doctors with the highest quality adjusting instrument available. The Integrity Genesis 1000 produces a more pure sound wave correction than its predecessors because it has 3 separate axis of pivot for independent vector application, has a more consistent solenoid strike, and has better vibratory control in its structural design. EPIC doctors are better equipped than ever before to deliver a controlled, fully customized correction. Simply put, the Integrity Genesis 1000 has changed the game of upper cervical care

Giving Back

The importance of helping the next generation is always on our minds. Why should they struggle with the same issues we grew up with? Shouldn’t we help them not make the same mistakes? This is the underlying thread of any EPIC doctor and especially our instructors. After all, doctor means “teacher”. Our EPIC Instructors are still in private practice, but volunteer countless hours to give back to the chiropractic community. Our motto is, “Leave a Legacy”. With every student that enters our doors, we try to implant that seed. It is exciting to see the selfless culture of EPIC practitioners, both student and field doctors, working to inspire a higher quality of care and create a healthy future for our profession.

Thinking Big

image1Chiropractic is still in its global infancy. Billions of people have no clue what chiropractic is, let alone atlas care, that it is possible to create/release full body effects by using a small percussive sound wave near the brainstem. One of the arguably largest epicenters of advancements and developments is Dubai, UAE. They have created a whole city region that is dedicated to bringing the brightest and best healthcare professionals and procedures to Dubai. Ironically, it is called Healthcare City. Millions of patients fly in to be treated by various healthcare professionals from around the world now working in Healthcare City, and now EPIC is at the center of this city. In the fall of 2015, Atlas Spinal Center featuring EPIC atlas care was launched. This will be the beginning of a massive expansion of upper cervical chiropractic throughout the Middle East and beyond, and EPIC will be leading the way.

Who is EPIC?

A unified team who challenges the status quo of healthcare and are constantly striving to raise the bar. We just happen to be upper cervical chiropractors who utilize x-rays to obtain 3 dimensions of perspective, analyze both the patient’s genetic uniqueness as well as multi-directional misalignments, calculate the exact degree-specific coordinate for correction, apply a customized biomechanical placement, deliver a fully-calibrated percussive sound wave correction, and give back to the chiropractic community 100%.

Do you have what it takes to become an EPIC Doctor?