Week-Long Accelerated Education

June 27 - July 3, 2018

The EPIC Bootcamp is the most comprehensive and efficient way to learn the procedures necessary to become a top provider of Upper Cervical care. The seminar is a one-week, high intensity training program, that exposes doctors to the concepts of all three Core seminars and Workshop XP seminars.

It will be taught by Drs. Stan Pierce, Kelcey Wiginton, and James Beadle. They will teach everything from A to Z about the EPIC technique. This ranges from how to talk with patients, x-ray placement, x-ray analysis, biomechanics of the Upper Cervical spine, table placement, post x-ray analysis, and much much more. If you have already taken the Bootcamp series in the past, we invite you to come back at a discounted price.

The winter Bootcamp is held in Hayward, CA.
The summer Bootcamp is held in Clearwater, FL.

Pre-Registration Pricing

1st Year DC
$195 (materials additional $250)
Returning Student
Returning Doctor