Core 1

Exam & X-Ray Positioning


This weekend seminar will start you off on the EPIC experience. Gain a deeper understanding of the upper cervical complex and how it affects each of the 12 systems of the body. Learn how to assess for an atlas subluxation and accurately view the misalignments.

Doctors will learn:

  • The anatomical uniqueness of the upper cervical complex and its unique biomechanics
  • The patient examination including:
    • Cerebellum assessments
    • The five steps of a supine leg check
    • Muscle tone symmetry
    • Cervicogenic muscle weakness evaluation
    • Proper palpation of the cervical soft tissues
  • The EPIC orthogonal x-ray series including:
    • Why orthogonal x-rays matter
    • How to position patients to get exact x-rays
    • Determining the diagnostic quality of the x-ray
    • Troubleshooting antalgic patient postures
    • Alternate views to increase image clarity & improve mathematical calculations

Pre-Registration Pricing

Associate with Dr & 1st Year DC
Returning Doctor
Returning Student
X-ray Tech
No Charge