Core 2

Precision X-Ray Analysis


This weekend, you will be exposed to the nitty-gritty of the technique. This has long been notorious for being difficult to learn, however with the advent of digital x-ray, the analysis process has become much easier. Be prepared to learn the detailed jargon of the technique and how to accurately determine patient’s misalignments. Genetics play a large role in the EPIC analysis which help us to determine the true misalignment instead of a genetically aberrant misalignment.

Doctors will learn:

  • An introduction to the EPIC analysis templates and digital software
  • Accuracy in x-ray analysis, and why it matters
  • Cross referencing of anatomical structures
  • Accurately locate the transverse process of atlas
  • Zoning procedures for constructing the center skull lines
  • The radius of the occipital condyles and axis, and how it affects the vector of the correction
  • How to assess genetic aberrancies of the occiput, atlas, and axis.
  • Each of the EPIC x-ray factors
  • Calculating the X, Y and Z Vectors
  • The difference between a True Vector, Calculated Vector and Instrument Vector
  • Advanced mathematical calculations after the patient is placed on the table

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