Core 3

The EPIC Correction


Game time! Get ready to finally change lives! This weekend we bring it all together and show you the art of EPIC. All that knowledge is worthless unless you can fix the problem. We will get our hands on the table and practice, practice, and practice some more. This is by far the highest rated Core seminar as we finally get to show you how EPIC corrections reduce Upper Cervical misalignments.

Saturday will go from 9-7 and Sunday will go from 9-1.

Doctors will learn:

  • The neurology and biomechanics of the Upper Cervical spine
  • The four biomechanical misalignment factors used in table placement
  • Correct mastoid process support
  • The biomechanical factors contributing to correct table placement
  • Digital measurement of the patient’s ‘head height angle’
  • Measuring the patient’s ‘zero base line’ for correct X vector calibration
  • How to correctly use the 3D Integrity Genesis Table
  • Leading of the stylus to the Atlas transverse process
  • Adjusting using the percussive sound wave
  • The 24 different subluxation patterns
  • Pre and Post adjustment examination procedures

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