Annual EPIC Update


Come and be part of EPIC history. Get ready to spend a weekend with your fellow EPIC doctors in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida (635 Court St #200, Clearwater) learning together and celebrating at our annual Symposium as we dive into the many major advancements of the past few years.

Highlights this year:

  • Pediatric & Prenatal Care
  • Scoliosis Care
  • Upper Cervical Neurology
  • Thermography
  • Advanced X-ray Analysis
  • Adjusting Biomechanics
  • All-New 3-Axis Adjusting Instrument
  • Interaction with vendors

Seminar Times
Friday 4-7:30 pm
Saturday 9-7 pm
Sunday 9-1:30 pm

Broaden your perspective to attract and care for patients with the highest cutting-edge advancement in upper cervical chiropractic

Pre-Registration Pricing

$395 ($450 with CE)
Associate with DC
$295 ($350 with CE)
1st Year DC
$295 ($350 with CE)